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Connect the Dots of the Paranormal

If you have any interest in the paranormal then you are already familiar with the topics that are everyone's mind. There are reports daily of the latest UFO sightings and the Roswell incident continues to thrive to this day, but is that all there is to it?

In fact, in the last one hundred years of the unexplained a lot of things have come to light that we either have tossed aside or have not devoted enough time to figuring out to come to something resembling a conclusive answer. New unexplained creatures, like the Jersey Devil or the Chupacabra, are just some of our history's unexplained creatures that aren't getting the investigation they deserve. The Philadelphia Experiment and even the JFK assassination are current historical unsolved mysteries that may be more connected than we think, though those in the know aren't talking.

Maybe we're just going about this the wrong way

What if it's all connected? Is it too much to think our modern science is not up to speed with what's hidden from us to prove what we already know?

Maybe there's truth in the moon landing conspiracy, but it only makes sense when you examine what we know of the shadow government. What about all the stories of alien abduction? Real stories are out there, and perhaps we need those to prove the paranormal WITH the paranormal.

I, like you, have had an interest in the paranormal for many years. It was all random unexplained events, UFOs, and psychic powers for awhile and difficult to make sense out of. Reports and articles I've read always came out without giving me a satisfying answer. It wasn't that their conclusions were wrong, it was that something was wrong, somewhere.

There had to be another way to look at the information

Taking everything from mysterious creatures to earth based extraterrestrials I looked and looked to find connections. If I had possessed all the "dots" of this vast area of paranormal phenomena then tried to connect them, perhaps I'd discover a bigger picture that was being hidden. To my knowledge, there is no area or field of study looking to make sense of it all. This is the result of my research and investigation to find connections within the paranormal.

"Connecting the Dots of the Paranormal" explores the possibility that paranormal phenomena can make sense, and maybe even be proven, when connected to other aspects of the paranormal.

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Your favorite paranormal subject might have some surprising connections to things you never considered or had a remote interest in. Is the government lying to us? For how long? Is time travel possible? What are secret societies really up to?

Maybe we need to go backward to understand where we are now

The Mayans had a clear idea of time, but what if they got their technology from Atlantis? Can modern prophets, like Edgar Cayce, answer these questions? Is prophecy itself even provable when stepping back from conventional science? Prophets get their information from somewhere, does there already exist something in the realm of the paranormal that answers this too?

"I enjoyed the book from start to finish"

Being a fan, enthusiast, and just a human being looking for the truth. I found myself intrigued by Mr. Kruek's book "Connecting The Dots," because in his book he does just as the title says. Its a compliation of many different paranormal subjects tied together though common themes and logical ideas. Anyone can enjoy this book from the paranormal fanatic to those with just an open mind looking for a great read. I enjoyed the book from start to finish and I highly recommend it.

David, Texas

I'm not asking you to take a leap of faith in believing what is out there. You've already done that by coming to this site. I'm urging you to take a step back from whatever area of the paranormal you're passionate about to see if it can proven through other subjects that may also require a leap of faith to believe. These subjects too have their followers and conspiracy theorists, perhaps you both are on the same trail. Modern science is still a few steps behind the ability to prove many paranormal things the ancients already knew, what if those connections are already there for us to see?

Connect the dots of the paranormal

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